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Electronic smoking devices are fashioned to turn a nicotine solution into a mist and through inhalation of the vapor, people experience the exact same pleasure they can receive from an ordinary cig yet do not expose themselves to using tobacco, which turns into health threatening tar residue when it is burnt. Manufacturers often model nicotine vaporizers to mimic regular cigarettes, but they hold absolutely no tobacco and don't need a match . You may have to consider e-smoking kit and come up with ideas regarding how to go about conditioning yourself to use the nicotine vaporizer in place of a normal cig (if you happen to smoke cigarettes in your home, try assigning a few places as being “nicotine vaporizer only” or stop smoking cigarettes in your vehicle and designate that for nicotine vaporizers only). E-cigs liberate people who smoke from huddling in snowy temperatures and rain storms and, in lots of places, from laws that prohibit cigarette smoking in public areas.